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Our Services

Lidol Plastic Emulsion

is a top-notch interior emulsion paint that uses acrylic as its base. It provides excellent coverage, forms a strong and long-lasting film, and contains pigments that are resistant to fading over time.

Lidol Silk Touch Emulsion

is a high-quality interior emulsion paint that utilizes PVA as its base. It offers excellent coverage with a high spreading rate and creates a tough, long-lasting film.

Lidol Super Gloss Enamel

is a general-purpose enamel that provides a high-quality solvent-based super gloss finish. The product is formulated to resist yellowing.


Our team

Shahbaz Ali Malik


Meet Shahbaz Ali Malik, the CEO of Lidol Paint Company. With his innovative ideas and passion for color, he's leading the way in transforming homes and inspiring creativity.

Imtiaz Bukhari

Director Marketing & Sales

Introducing Imtiaz Bukhari, the dynamic Director of Marketing & Sales at Lidol Paint Company. With his strategic prowess and customer-centric approach, he's driving growth.

Muhammad Fayyaz

Production Director

Introducing Muhammad Fayyaz, the skilled Production Director at Lidol Paint Company. With his attention and commitment, he ensures that every can of paint that leaves our production.

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10 Years of Experience

With a decade of dedicated craftsmanship, Lidol paint company has honed its expertise, ensuring every stroke of our paintbrush tells a story of precision and excellence.

Professional Painters

Our team of professional painters at Lidol paint company brings artistry and expertise to every project, leaving a trail of beautifully painted spaces that exceed expectations.

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Mustafabad Lalyani Main Ferozpur road, District Kasur